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We offer the next kinds of therapy:

Full body Massage

This massage works on many levels. This massage provided by us helps to relax tight and tense muscles, improves circulation and encourages the elimination of toxic waste from the body. It also educates the client where they are holding tension in their bodies and gives them the opportunity to explore the underlying causes.

Neck & Shoulders massage

Based on traditional Eastern massage this massage can be performed with our without oils, fully clothed on a chair or undressed to where you feel comfortable. Muscles are warmed before specific pressure is applied to muscles using elbows and thumbs. Effective relief for tight or aching neck, arms, back and shoulders etc.

Head Massage

Relaxing Slow movements to the upper back, upper arms, shoulders, neck, head, scalp and the face helping to relieve stress and tension, stimulate circulation and lymphatic drainage removing toxins and toning muscles leaving a feeling of well being and calm.

Foot Massage

A holistic approach based on both Eastern and Western traditions taking into account physical and mental wellbeing.

Handmade anticellulite massage

Slow, relaxing movements to the hands and legs, stimulate circulation and lymphatic drainage removing toxins and toning muscles leaving a feeling of calm and well being.


Using oils in a vigorous massage. A physical treatment externally applied to relieve and sooth deep aches and pains on stiff muscles and joints. Its aim is to stimulate the blood and lymphatic circulations, improve muscle tone, break down adipose tissue and improve metabolism and skin texture.

Holistic Facial Massage

This wonderful therapy incorporates the body and soul in a combination of specially adapted massage moves. As well as a cleanse, tone and moisturising treatment, pressure point and lymph drainage are used within the treatment leaving your face feeling clean and the rest of you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.


Each session aims to restore the body to relaxed and balanced state and to encourage the body's own healing resources. The feet act as mirrors of tension, congestion and disease with a corresponding area (reflex) for every part of the body. During a treatment all the reflexes are covered with particular attention to those that are tender or feel granular when worked. Regular sessions (as with all therapies) will maintain good health and well being and help more complicated or long standing complaints.

Stress Management

We offer remedies for coping effectively with our modern day stresses which all of us have to deal with. Relaxation techniques are taught and coping strategies are worked out together. This method combines breathing techniques and create visualisation which can be used as a tool for promotion or relaxation and builds confidence at times of anxiety and stress.

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